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Feeling a bit water-logged? Yoga and Ayurveda to the rescue!

All this rain makes my body feel sluggish, my mind foggy and my motivation to do anything other than nap, zilch. Almost 8.5 inches of rain have fallen in Atlanta since February 1, according to Channel 2 meteorologist Brian Monahan. More rain is expected today. What's a body to do?

Yoga practice and Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, can help. I've learned if I drag myself to the mat and start to get my body moving, the warmth and focus of my practice will begin to dispel the damp and heavy feeling, helping my body to feel lighter, my mind clearer and help me move forward with the task at hand.

Using Ayurvedic principles can also help lift your spirits and help bring your energy up as you move through these gray and gloomy days. Here are few tips from Nadya Andreeva, ayurveda expert and healthy living coach. View her full article here.

1. Practice Sun Salutations in the morning.

2.Create a check list to get things done.

3. Wear a bright or warm color.

4. Use essential oils to invigorate you.

5. Eat light, warm or dry foods.

Give these ayurvedic tips and your yoga practice a try this morning. Maybe like me you'll find this rainy day toolkit can help!

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