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Changing My Life...My Vegan story

I debated about sharing this online but decided that my switch to being vegan has impacted my life in so many positive ways that I couldn't not share.

I took the Veganuary challenge this year to eat a totally plant based diet for the month of January. I didn't really expect that it would make me feel differently about myself, after all I have been a vegetarian for 33 years. Boy was I surprised.

Not only did I feel better physically, but the biggest change has been mental. I feel more empowered. I feel more compassionate. I feel I am making a difference in my health, the health of the planet and all that dwell on it.

Ahimsa...the first of the Yamas, or yogic principles is respect for all living things and the absence of afflicting harm. The 2019 UN report on climate change calls for urgent changes to our human diet to help ensure the health of our planet. Eating a totally plant based diet has been my practice of ahimsa...for the environment, for my health, for the animals.

Click on the Veganuary challenge link above or listen to this lovely podcast to learn more.


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